About Our Ecosystem

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Our story: Why Are We Here ?...

Farmers are entrepreneurs by nature. But a struggling farmer can’t afford to take risks like other entrepreneurs do. His farming is limited to growing the food he needs for his own family’s survival. What if he could grow enough to feed his family, plus enough to sell at the market? By actually making a profit from his farm, he gains access to better food, opportunities for education, the freedom to invest in his own business, and the ability to buy basic goods that can transform the health and lives of his family. And what if other businesses earned a profit by helping him be a better farmer? That’s solving poverty with profit

Agriculture for Entrepreneurs

Transforming small farms into small businesses

People think that small farmers aren’t worth investing in because they’re too poor and hard to reach. But we’re proving that theory wrong. We are showing that any farm—no matter how small—can move from subsistence farming to commercial farming, if it has the right support.

On average, the farmers we work with see an annual income gain of 200,000 Naira. To our donors, we promise a minimum cost-effectiveness ratio of 10:1. That means that every Naira invested in our network results in at least an additional 3000 Naira of annual income for a farmer. We are able to do this through innovative programs that create cadres of microentrepreneurs, support small businesses, and build resilient markets that support their sales.